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Business Services - Computer Service Authority LLC

Routine Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your computer working properly is to keep it healthy. We can come in regularly to perform routine maintenance like addressing minor issues (slow browsing, programs behaving strangely, etc.), checking for viruses or malware, removing unnecessary programs, upgrading computers, and more.

Wired or Wireless Networking & Consulting

Make every device in your office work together and increase productivity using either wired or wireless networking. First, well help you assess your needs and advise you of the solution thats best for your business. Then, well set up and secure your router (and server), enable your devices (desktop computers, laptops, network printers, etc.) to communicate across the network and train your employees to access files and other shared items all over the office. Learn More

  • Share important files between any networked computers in the office
  • Collaborate on projects without leaving your desk
  • Print to any network-enabled printer
  • Set up wi-fi so your employees and customers can work from laptops
  • Share contacts and calendars with anyone in the office (requires a server)
  • Setup and maintain Microsoft Exchange, Windows and Linux servers
  • Provide hardware/software training for staff/employees

Virus Protection & Removal

Some of the biggest threats to business productivity and your PC are viruses, trojan horses, and spyware and malware. And if one computer is exposed, you risk damage to every computer in the office. You could even pass them on to customers.

We can help protect you from these malicious threats and other security issues by analyzing the vulnerabilities in your computer or network and installing the latest antivirus protection, upgrading key software, setting up a firewall, providing training on best practices and implementing other security precautions.

Already have a computer virus or malware infection? We can remove it, install antivirus protection and help you prevent them from harming your business and productivity in the future. Learn More

Other Threat Protection

Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the U.S. Some thieves steal your customers and employees personal information or proprietary business information from your un-shredded weekly trash. But there are more high-tech thieves attempting to take the information from your unsecured computers or network.

We can secure your computers or network against these threats in multiple ways, depending on the level of security you need. We can password-protect your network, install a firewall system, encrypt data and take other precautions to keep your data safe.

We can also help you monitor employees browsing habits or block them from accidentally accessing certain types of websites to help you maintain peak productivity and performance.

Data Backup / Disaster Planning

The information on your computers is vital. If a hard drive fails or an employee steals or damages a company-owned laptop, you could lose important customer information or business records. We can create a data backup schedule and make sure your business keeps running even if a computer doesnt.

We can also help you set up a plan to deal with manmade or natural disasters. We cant protect your business from a tornado, but we can help you establish a protocol that will ensure youre back up and running as quickly as possible. Learn More

Emergency Data Recovery

If youve already lost information, we can help with that, too. Many times, information that seems lost is really still on your hard drive. And just because a hard drive fails doesnt mean the data is gone. You just need an expert to help you find it. If you lose something or if a hard drive fails, call us immediately to increase the chances of recovery.

IMPORTANT: Dont attempt to recover the file(s) yourself and dont use the affected desktop or laptop for anything until youve spoken with one of our computer technicians. You could risk overwriting or damaging the data.

Business Security & Continuity

The time to plan for an emergency is before it happens. Our business consultants can analyze your risk of losing information (from security breaches, natural and manmade disasters and technology or telecommunications failures). Once weve determined your level of risk and where your business might lose key data, well create a customized plan to help protect information where possible or recover any lost information, then design a disaster response plan to ensure you get back to business quickly and efficiently – almost as if it never happened.

HIPAA Compliance

Protect your patients sensitive medical information and avoid expensive regulatory fines by hiring experts to help you establish or verify your electronic HIPAA-compliant systems. We offer training, consultations and implementation assistance and provide security audits to help you ensure any plans you do have in place are working effectively.(References in over 25 states.) Learn More

Intranet / Wide-Area Networking

You need your employees to be able to work together effectively, even if theyre not in the same city. Our business consultants can set up a wide-area network that allows them to do just that on a private, secure network customized to meet your business specific needs.

Linux / Open-Source Software Specialist

If your business runs on Linux, you need Linux specialists who know how to ensure its done right. Our business consultants are Linux and open-source software experts. Often, the right solution for a business is a mix of commercial and open-source software working together. If your off-the-shelf software isnt doing exactly what you want it to do, well write software tailored to your needs.

Thinking of moving to Linux? We can help. Linux can be much less expensive than Windows OS, but its important to ensure Linux is the right move before you commit. We can help you determine whether Linux is the right solution for you and help you make the transition with little disruption to daily operations.

Customized Training

Some employees just know how to use computers and software. Others, sometimes including the ones in charge, need a little help. No matter what software your business uses, we can create a training program to ensure all your employees can work comfortably and effectively. Whether you need help with simpler tasks like learning to do internet research or more complicated programs like Microsoft Excel or Intuit Quickbooks, were here to help.

Paperless Office Consulting & Setup

In todays ecologically savvy world, more businesses are choosing to reduce their paper consumption. To do this properly, you need an expert wholl assess your needs and find a solution thats right for you. Almost any business can reduce their ecological footprint without negatively impacting their customers; its just a matter knowing the best way to do it.

Remote Technical Assistance

If you have a problem and need help now, we can do it right from your desktop. Our computer technician can log into your desktop or laptop computer remotely to take a look and help you troubleshoot your PC. When were finished, we end the connection and cant gain access again without you granting permission. Its a safe, fast, reliable way to get instant support.

Pre-Purchase Consultation

Our expert business consultants know just about everything there is to know about technology. If you arent sure what the right solution is, call us for a consultation before you waste money on something thats more than you need or not powerful enough for the job. Well help you assess your needs and then recommend the device(s) and software thats right for you.

Computer Repair

Is it really time to buy new? You may just need to upgrade your computer by replacing the hard drive or installing some more RAM memory. The more employees you have, the more important it is to get as much life from your devices as possible. With our hardware repair expertise, we may be able to extend the life of your PCs or other devices. Before you purchase, let us take a look! Learn More

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