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Personal Services - Computer Service Authority LLC

Wired or Wireless Networking

Make every device in your home or office work together using either wired or wireless networking. Well set up and secure your router, enable your devices (computers, printers, network enabled TVs, etc.) to share across the network and show you how to use it. Learn More

  • Share music, photos, videos, files, etc. with any computer in the house
  • Use a printer in any room
  • Print to any network-enabled printer
  • Access the internet from multiple devices (desktop computers, laptops, wi-fi enabled smartphones, etc.)
  • Stream content from your devices to a network-enabled television or another computer
  • More…

Customized Training

Youve got your new desktop computer or laptop and the software is installed. Now what? We can train you to use your new software. We can teach anyone to use their computers operating system, to use the internet, check their email or use Microsoft Office or other products at a pace thats right for you. We can also show you how to use your smartphone, how to scan and save paper documents to your computer and more. No matter what you need to learn, we can customize a solution for you.

Virus Protection & Removal

Some of the biggest threats to your desktop PC or laptop are viruses, trojan horses, and spyware and malware. And if one computer is exposed, you risk damage to every computer in your home You could even spread them on to friends and family.

We can help protect you from these malicious threats and other security issues by analyzing the vulnerabilities in your computer or network and installing the latest antivirus protection, upgrading key software, setting up a firewall, providing training on best practices and implementing other security precautions.

Already have a computer virus or malware infection? We can remove it, install antivirus protection and help you prevent them in the future. Learn More

Other Threat Protection

Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the U.S. Some thieves steal your personal, private information from a business you frequent or even your homes un-shredded weekly trash. But there are more high-tech thieves attempting to take the information from your unsecured computers or network.

We can secure your computers or network against these threats in multiple ways, depending on the level of security you need. We can password-protect your network, install a firewall, encrypt data and take other precautions to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

Data Backup / Disaster Planning

If youre like many people, you have hundreds even thousands of priceless videos and pictures on your PC. You may even have sensitive financial and personal information. Losing those files could be devastating and replacing them may be impossible. Avoid disaster by planning ahead. We can assist you in developing an affordable, practical data backup strategy. Learn More

Emergency Data Recovery

You keep a lot of important data on your home computer - movies and photos of friends and family, account information, work documents and financial information to name a few. When your hard drive inevitably fails, you could lose it all. If the worst does happen, our experts may be able to recover data you thought was deleted or destroyed. We can also help you establish a data backup schedule to ensure you files are safe and make sure youll always have access to your important documents and cherished memories.

Please note that many times, information that seems lost is really still on your hard drive. You just need an expert to help you find it. If you lose something, call us the moment you realize its missing to increase the chances of recovery.

IMPORTANT: Dont use your desktop or laptop for anything until youve spoken with one of our computer technicians. You could risk overwriting or damaging the lost file.

Technology Integration / Syncing

Recently purchase a new BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or other mobile device? Cant seem sync your movies and music with iTunes? Having trouble making all your devices work together? Let us do it for you. We can set up your computer to sync with your smartphone so youve always got the most up-to-date contacts, photos, music, videos and more whether youre at home, in the office or on the road.

Software Installation / Computer Setup

Sometimes it just more convenient for someone to do it for you, especially when youve just purchased a brand new computer. Time spent with routine maintenance, buying and installing upgrades and troubleshooting printer drivers is all time that could have been better spent with family and friends. No matter what kind of software or what kind of computer, we can ensure your new software is installed and working properly on your PC. We can even teach you how to use programs youre might be having difficulty using.

Remote Technical Assistance

If you have a computer problem and need help instantly, we can fix it right from your desktop. Our expert technician can log into your PC remotely to diagnose and troubleshoot your issue. Once the problem is resolved, we end the connection and cant gain access again without you granting our specialist explicit permission. Its a safe, fast, reliable way to get technical support immediately.

Pre-Purchase Consultation

Computers can be complicated and expensive. Our expert technicians know just about everything there is to know about computers. Do you need a tower with the latest Intel® Core i5 or maybe youd like to take advantage of a laptops convenience and mobility. If you arent sure what the right solution is for you, call us for a consultation before you waste money on something thats more than you need or not powerful enough for the job. No high-pressure, sales-floor tatics, no pushing of high-profit items - just an honest evaluation and recommendation. Well simply assess your needs and then recommend the hardware and software thats a perfect fit for you.

Computer Repair

Is it really time to buy new? With our extensive hardware repair expertise, we may be able to extend the life of your PC or other device. Before you make the leap to a new computer, let us take a look! A slow PC may only have a computer virus or a relatively inexpensive hardware failure. Replacing old hard drive and upgrading RAM memory can often breather new life into older machines. If we determine you do need to replace your existing PC, we can make a recommendation that will help make the purchase an easy one. Learn More

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